At Earth Saver Bags we save the planet through nationwide distribution of the best reusable grocery bags, and reusable shopping bags in general, for your convenience and that of your clients. A plastic bag has an average “working life” of 15 minutes and at the same time 8 Million Tons of plastic are being dumped in our oceans each year. 

Utilizing reusable bags, recycled paper bags, and Custom reusable bags not only alleviates this dangerous trend, but enhances your brand image, goodwill, and top of mind among each and every one of your tote bag users, and best of all, they’ll love you for it!

Our custom tote bags, and recycled paper bags sell at prices that will keep you coming back for more.  Many times retailers stock bulk canvas tote bags to use them as a push for sales volume offering free eco friendly bags on purchases of $30 or more. Our prices can go below $3 each on two color printed items, depending on volume, So why wait? Join the earth saver, save the planet now, and make money while you’re at it.  We also custom print paper bags that have a low impact on the environment as they contain recycled paper and vegetable inks.

So call us now! We will make sure to give you the best quote possible on custom reusable bags, paper bags or Just regular canvas shopping bags!

Why on earth would you use Plastic bags, when you can use EarthSaver bags? Save the planet, one bag a time with EarthSaver bags!

Maintain a bunch of green bags, reusable, earth bags from earth saver bags and make the planet sustainable again!

We print reusable totes, earth-friendly bags with your logo.
Be hip with the environment, your city needs it and so does the environment, give us the opportunity to make your clients happy and proud of carrying your logo along!


“We wanted to make our own bag with our logo, for our store. Earth Saver Bags not only made an outstanding highly durable product, but they also helped us simplify our logo, which is a big advantage. We buy from them all the time, and we kept the logo suggested by them as well”



New York, NY

“Good quality, long lasting items is what we expect from reusable bags for produce; Earth Saver never lets us down!”



Sanibel, Fl

“We met them at a trade show in New York, and we fell in love with the bags they provided us. Sturdy material, earth-conscious Co. as well”



Seabrook, TX

“Our clients bring their own bags more and more.We promote the use of natural bags,whether or not they buy them from us.Earth Saver bags are of superb quality.Recommended!“



New York, NY

“A few years ago we thought the reusable bag was just a fad.Fortunately we started offering earth saver bags to our clients and the demand has shot up.There is a high demand for the ecological tote bag and these bags do the job!“



Corvalis, OR

“These green bags are quite practical and sell at a very fair price.Our clients love them, especially because they don’t break like the other kind.“



Charlotte, NC

“My main concern was to have a durable, green, beautiful bag with my logo.I got all that, and the turn-around time was fast fast fast!We’ll keep using earth saver bags”



Miami, FL

“Folks at earth saver green bags made the process of getting a custom-made bag for us easy and painless!We’ll keep them in mind for the next order“



Ashville, NC