Corona virus Vs. The Reusable Tote Bag

Corona Virus Vs Reusable Tote Bag

Recently the New York Post published an opinion column where they say that the reusable tote bag is dangerous because it attracts bacteria and also a virus, which it fails to name.  The article claims that plastic bags are the safest way to shop nowadays, as its single use and free of bacteria, whereas the reusable tote never gets washed and receives different types of bacteria, including, but not limited to fecal bacterium.  Few statements could be further from the truth than these. 

The reason why millions and millions of people decided to bring their own bags to stores as opposed to continuing the use of plastic bags is because plastic bags end up in our sewerage systems and oceans, killing millions of fish, while not even 3% of them are recycled; needless to say they are generally not re-used.   The best example is the Island of plastic found in the Pacific ocean near Hawaii coined the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  This horrendous man-made patch is soon to surpass the size of the state of Texas if it’s not cleaned.  All types of fish feed off of the plastic patch, ultimately dying of intoxication or obstruction of their digestion systems.  This, to most civilized people, is sad and alarm-sounding, surprisingly not to some people, who promote the use of plastic bags!

The article claims that meat juice gets into the fiber of polypropylene reusable totes and stays there for a few days, and also that a test was conducted in 2018 with another virus and stayed in the bag for a prolonged period.  Also, that fecal matter was found on the tote.  First of all, I have never seen anyone giving you raw meat that is not packed in plastic or wrapped with a shrink wrap with a good seal.  Secondly you have a study from 2018 with a different virus?  Corona virus is different than any other.  It gets destroyed with heat and with direct sunlight, so the comparison makes no sense.  With regards with the claim that fecal bacteria was found in tote bags, I’ll simply not waste my breath. 

After using our totes, you may want to spray them with Lysol or any alcohol based spray.  Alternatively keep them under direct sunlight for a while.   It’s time to keep safe, reevaluate our hygiene, and also bear in mind the environment, I wish each and every one of you a safe couple of months ahead!


Carlos Kovalsky

Founder – Earthsaverbags