Save it all!

save it all with earth saver bags

I never thought about it, but it’s true: by curbing the use of plastic bags, you don’t just improve the environment in which we live in, you change everything; I may have a slant because of Earth Saver, but … allow me to explain:

If you stop using plastic bags, thousands of sewerage outlets, will be free from blockages, and streets will not be flooded, thus making towns and cities safer and cleaner, and free of many diseases.

If we reduce the use of plastic bags, less and less bags will end in rivers, which saves the fish, which confuses plastic with food, eating particles and dying. Statistics says sweet water fish will be eliminated completely at the rate we are going.

If we reduce the use of these bags, seawater fish will flourish instead of suffering the same faith as river fish. If the fish we eat are contaminated with particles of plastic, the day will come when authorities will start warning us against consumption of fish. This could be worse than mercury contamination. Nobody would want their children to eat plastic. At least so I hope.

If we reduce the use of plastic bags, species on the verge of extintion will come back, not just fish, but birds that live of off sea life. And plenty of birds are dying.

These are just some of the positive effects of reducing the unnecessary use of plastic; especially when it’s one time use bags. What does it take to pick up a reusable bag, instead of promoting the destruction of our fauna?

A simple act Saves it all. For a better world, and for our childre let’s do our part!

Carlos Kovalsky – Founder